Liveoak enables global enterprises to do business
with their customers without being in person.

During a crisis, Liveoak shares best practices and tools
for successful remote customer engagement.

What We Do

We help enterprises build trust, close business faster and turn customers into passionate brand advocates. Liveoak provides a virtual medium for proactively engaging customers and offering new products and services remotely that were not previously available.

How We Do It

The Liveoak cloud platform seamlessly integrates best-in-class video conferencing, screen-sharing and data/ID capture with forms collaboration and e-signature capabilities that let your teams deliver white-glove service to your customers. To see an example of Liveoak in action, watch this short video:

Our Customers


Liveoak Drives Results

Reduce not in good order paperwork to <1%

Increase digital submissions by 120%

Close business 60% faster

What Our Customers Say

  • "I am able to get new account paperwork to our processing department faster than ever before! When volume counts, this has directly contributed to my success on the sales desk!"

  • "Makes my job easier and saves time. Paperwork is submitted correctly the first time. Clients are impressed with the technology."

  • "Users are able to collaborate and sign electronically, which saves a substantial amount of time during the signing process. The main aspect that stands out to me is Liveoak’s professionalism and customer support."

Explore Our Top Features

Online screen sharing, video conferencing and collaboration allow your customer-facing teams to be there to assist every step of the way.

Utilize robust electronic signature capabilities so there is never a need for a customer to make the trek into an office for final processing of transactions.

Full tracking and archiving of all session activity and data by participant to meet the high standards needed for compliance.

All the advantages of meeting in person without having to do so. This includes the easy capturing of customer identification and necessary data for submissions.

Your customers can work along with your team members to ensure forms are completed and edited to perfection.

When the highest level of security is required, we have you covered. Our bank-hardened security ensures your data is safe.

Whitepapers & Use Cases

Remote Account Opening

Use Liveoak to create a remote live customer interaction. We know from experience that complex paperwork, transactions and remote customer onboarding requires professional assistance.

Awards and Accolades

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Any Questions?

We have a team dedicated to answering questions and helping businesses
understand how Liveoak can benefit their organization.