What is Liveoak?

Use Liveoak’s secure conferencing and collaboration platform to engage customers, provide live assistance and complete more digital transactions.

Our customers realize strong results

Our clients experience 99% reduction in Not in Good Order (NIGO) rates after implementing Liveoak
Using Liveoak reduces corporate customer onboarding time from months to hours
Liveoak customers experience a dramatic improvement in their digital completion rates

Get started in four easy steps


1.  Schedule a time to talk with us

2. Allow us to customize Liveoak to meet your specific needs

3. Begin using Liveoak immediately- no downloads or installs required

4. Revolutionize your customer interaction & experience

Our most important features


Synchronously edit documents while in conference with your customers to provide live document support

Capture Your Conference and Compliant Data

Track and store data down to the keystroke for compliance and audit trail

Lay Eyes on Your Customer/Know Your Customer

Verify customer identity and reduce fraud through real-time photo/video I.D. capture

Increase Accuracy and Completion

Reduce missing and incorrect information in account applications and forms (eliminate Not in Good Order – NIGO)

Get a Secure Signature

In session electronic signature and fulfillment powered by Docusign

Bank-grade Security

Your connection to Liveoak is secure and encrypted using SSL (secure socket layers) bank-grade security

Full List of Features

Watch our short demo and learn more about Liveoak