Enabling Bankers and Customers to Engage and Meet Virtually

Business clients, like individual retail customers, want a modern, customized and intuitive experience, whether they’re opening their first account or applying for a line of credit. They don’t have time to put their business on pause while driving to your branch to fill out a lengthy paper form.

Liveoak lets your customer complete applications online while your relationship manager walks them through it in real time.

Our platform closes the distance between you and your customer while empowering your employees to serve as trusted advisers to the customer and growing their share of wallet over time.


“44% of banks having more than twice the number of fintech partners than they had two years ago.”


The Banking industry relies on compliance and regulation to keep customer and financial data safe and secure. While this is great for the integrity of banks and financial institutions, it creates a rigorous set of hurdles when you’re trying to onboard new customers and foster new business.

Think about something as simple as opening a checking account: it requires customers to show up in the bank in person, have various forms of ID on hand, and sign documents.

With Liveoak, you can provide the following to your customers:

  • Offer virtual customer assistance and support for your most complex digital interactions
  • Virtual identity verification with live conferencing, image/document capture and ID verification (KYC)
  • Capture accurate data to accelerate electronic signature adoption
  • Unique System of Audit™ including bank compliant capture of activity, keystroke log and collected data/files

From the banker’s perspective, there is a whole slew of actions and verifications that need to be taken on your end in order to make sure the customer information is stored properly and securely. For the last 20 or 30 years, showing up in person and sitting down with a banker was the only way to fully verify a customer’s identity.

Today, the banking industry has moved out of the physical branch and into the digital realm. Shouldn’t your customer acquisition process be doing the same?

Liveoak Techhnology works to solve for complex workflows during customer onboarding, loan application and even aspects of Know Your Customer compliance. With web conferencing and screen coaching to help fill out complicated forms, eSignature, virtual I.D. capture and all the necessary compliance, customer get the best of human interaction paired with effective technology.

Our software allows you to work with customers in a completely secure, interactive, remote environment. Here are just a few of our features:

  • Capture identification and verify identity
  • Complete remote, electronic signatures
  • Live conferencing, including video, voice and text chat
  • KYC compliance and customer due diligence features
  • Assist and guide customers while they are completing forms and applications
  • Share and upload files and images
  • System of Audit™ record of all conference participants activity and actions taken inside the conference, including shared documents and images

Relying on Banking Fintech Partners

Banks do one thing, and they do it really well: help people manage their money. What they’re not good at is making the customer experience an enjoyable experience from sign up to being a paying customer. The path towards patronage is riddled with countless roadblocks: compliance forms, paperwork, in-person signatures, etc.

With a banking fintech partner like Liveoak, we help legacy industries make their customer feel like they’re getting an innovative, frictionless, modern experience. Through the Liveoak customer engagement platform, we allow electronic data capture in banking while engaging with your customers coupled with bank grade security.

We provide integrated IT solutions for the banking industry and are eager to help this indispensable facet of the economy modernize their service offering to customers.

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