Coronavirus or No Coronavirus: Business. Must. Go. On.

 In Liveoak

During a typical work day in the United States, there are an estimated 11 million meetings. While not everyone loves them, meetings are often critical tools for businesses to map out their next steps, to brainstorm, to make and close deals or to figure out how to handle crises.

But for workers around the world, at least some of those meetings have either been cancelled or postponed thanks to a culprit born far away from any office setting: the coronavirus. Meetings, conferences, business trips, trade shows are all impacted. Face-to-face meetings are being called off, all in hopes of containing the spread of illness.

Here in Austin, SXSW — the annual tech, film and music conference — was cancelled because the City of Austin was declared a local state of disaster due to coronavirus concerns.  Austin residents were nervous about outsiders traveling to their city and ultimately did not want to risk the influx of 175,000 people. Canceling SXSW will most certainly have a negative impact on the Austin economy as it was expected to bring in $385 million in revenues.

These are understandably frightening times. But life, and business, absolutely must go on. 

COVID-19 has already been a disaster for major international stock indices over the past few weeks. Global investors are estimated to have lost $7 trillion since Feb. 19, while the U.S. market alone has shed $4.3 billion. We have to do whatever’s possible to prevent further damage.

And we can. We’re in the digital era. There’s no reason why we can’t continue to do business, meet the needs of our customers and close deals amid the coronavirus outbreak. That’s because technology, like the platform built by us here at Liveoak, makes meeting in person unnecessary.

For any banks or financial institutions nervous they’re going to have to shut down, cancel high-level meetings that could result in lucrative business, shut out clients and customers or quarantine workers at home, Liveoak has the solution. Our cloud-based technology platform ensures your business keeps on keeping on.

Our latest white paper provides a wealth of detail about what banking clients want from their banks and financial institutions: Seamless, frictionless products and services that don’t require them to drive to their branch and provide them with easy-to-complete, online onboarding and processes. And amid the coronavirus outbreak, that’s also precisely what they need.

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