Digitization for Speed and Scale: Financial Services

 In Liveoak

Liveoak Technologies and DocuSign recently participated in a webinar hosted by American Banker titled:  Digitization for Speed and Scale: Financial Services. 

Abstract: Digitization and remote work solutions are crucial to a financial institution, now, more than ever. Many institutions are currently faced with the challenge of providing a better experience for clients and identifying virtual and digital solutions that will quickly help them accomplish day to day transactions, at scale.

During this webinar, our panelists were asked questions such as:

  • What are the big picture trends impacting your organization?
  • How has the current changing environment impacted your business?

Our wealth management panelist explained that right now their enterprise is focused on platform modernization including tools/options that create customized solutions making it easier to do business. They also are  focused on the advisor/client relationship and tools that promote the ability to have meaningful conversations (in a virtual environment) without having to meet in person.  

During the current healthcare crisis, digital adoption has soared and digital channels have seen explosive growth. Clients are accessing the portal at record pace – current numbers show that 80% of their clients are using their digital platform. In addition, electronic signature usage (via DocuSign) tripled in the month of April when compared to the previous months in 2020. 

Our business banking panelist shared that Covid-19 has accelerated trends that were already well on their way. The bank’s goals are to meet the customer where they want to be met. The emphasis is on creating a blend between the physical and digital (referred to as phygital). Their business owner customers want a relationship based, people centric approach and therefore, the goals are to:

  • bring physical interactions to a digital platform
  • leverage technology to keep the customer connection strong, particularly when customers are unable to come into a branch (or when they don’t want to visit a branch)

Today’s customers expect digital at the base line but they also want solid banking relationships. Focusing on a people centric approach and leveraging technology to keep connections strong to build relationships (instead of eroding them), reduce friction for customers and increase the opportunity for add on sales.

To hear the full story, the research, the results of their efforts and the technology that they use, watch the recorded webinar at the following link:


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