Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Liveoak FAQs. Please take a look around and feel free to let us know if you have additional questions.

Do I need to have a Docusign account to get started?

You do not need a Docusign account to work with Liveoak Technologies. We have many use cases, some involve DocuSign, others do not. 

We have integrated the Docusign eSignature technology into the Liveoak platform. If you are an existing Docusign customer, you will have access to your entire forms library through the Liveoak platform. 

What is the difference between an eSignature provider and Liveoak?

A eSignature is the digital equivalent of a handwritten signature. Liveoak includes eSignature as one of our features and we also recreate the power of a face-to-face meeting by providing a secure online meeting room to complete business. 

How does Liveoak differ from web meetings (e.g., Webex and GotoMeeting) and/or video conferencing?

With basic web meetings via Webex or GotoMeeting you cannot transact business. Liveoak provides web meeting and video conference capabilities plus document collaboration, data entry, data validation, eSignature. Liveoak also enables features for business transactions such as opening accounts, executing loans, entitlements, authorizations, contracts, forms and other binding agreements.  Our technology provides advanced security, logging, tracking, integration and workflow capabilities for regulatory compliance, internal controls and process efficiency of the underlying business transaction.

What does synchronous editing mean?

Synchronous editing is joint document editing by two or more people accessing the same web page at the same time.

How I load my forms into Liveoak?

There are currently two options. 1.) send us your forms and we will upload them for you 2.) enter your Docusign login credentials and we will provide instant access to all your forms.

Where is this data stored? [cloud vs. on-prem]

In our standard product suite, the data is stored temporarily in the cloud and then securely transferred to you for data retention purposes. On premise is also an available option.

Is electronic signature recognized as a legal signature?

Yes, electronic signatures are legally binding in the United States and many countries around the world.

Do you offer notary services?

We do not yet offer eNotary services but we have it on our product development list as a potential feature!

What is a virtual meeting room?

The Liveoak definition of a virtual meeting room is a secure online meeting space where you can video conference, chat, collaborate (fill in forms & applications together), share & upload files, capture & upload photos of video conference participants, complete & sign documents and share your screen.

What ways can I communicate with my customers?

You can communicate through a combination of video conferencing, chat and voice. These features are configurable per use case, so you can engage with customers in the medium you choose. It is also possible to collaborate and sign documents through the Liveoak platform while talking to your customer on the telephone. Liveoak uses Web-RTC.

What is the difference between synchronous editing and screenshare?

Screenshare is one person sharing their screen over the web with another person in a different location. Synchronous editing is two people remotely sharing the same screen and editing documents together in real-time. This includes filling in a form together etc.

How does Liveoak work without requiring any downloads?

Liveoak is built with technology (Web-RTC) that works directly through your browser and your internet connection.

How do I get a username and password?

Please email and we will provide you login credentials.

Does Liveoak work on mobile devices and tablets?

Yes. Liveoak is built with responsive design to work on all browsers and devices.

Which browsers work with Liveoak?

Liveoak’s technology works on all modern browsers.

What security measures do you take with data and privacy?

Your privacy and data are of the utmost importance. Please contact us for additional details.

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