Complete Audit™

Our Complete Audit™ system stores everything that happens between you and the customer and allows you to see every key stroke, change and alteration, including shared assets like documents and photos. This helps flag and manage potential fraud risk both inside and outside the organization.

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Synchronous form editing

Filling out forms isn’t something most people enjoy. When a form becomes too tedious or too hard to understand it might just be the point where a prospective customer is lost. With Liveoak, your soon-to-be customer can work along with your onboarding team members through synchronous form editing to ensure forms are completed and edited to perfection.

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Easy data and I.D. capture

All the advantages of meeting in person without having to do so. This includes the easy capturing of necessary data for submissions. With the use of one’s webcam and Liveoak, verification of identity is easy as well. Just hold up any form of valid I.D. and, in moments identification can be verified for smooth transaction processing.

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Industrial strength security

A financial services company is a lucrative target for hackers and other bad actors seeking to steal the personal and confidential information entrusted to you by your customers. That’s why we protect our platform using AWS security and are committed to securing data to the highest possible standard.

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Guided customer experience

Your prospects and customers are not alone as they endeavor to complete their transactions. Online screen sharing, video conferencing and collaboration allow your customer onboarding team members to be there every step of the way. This high-touch approach will help you convert more prospects to customers while giving each prospective customer the reassurance they require.

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Live eSignature

Utilize robust electronic signature capabilities so there is never a need for a customer to make the trek into an office for final processing of transactions.

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More Liveoak Features

Customize Liveoak to suit your specific needs.

Digital Business Tools

Web conferencing


File upload

Video attestation

Video/Audio recording

CRM integration

Digital Customer Experience

Device agnostic

Mobile workflow

Easy meeting invite

Virtual meeting rooms

Document library

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