Put your trust in our Complete Audit™ system.


The best customer experience, the onboarding architecture or the fastest claims processing times in the industry mean nothing if they don’t meet the compliance, legal and risk requirements of your business.

Because we’ve been selected as partners to some of the world’s leading financial institutions, we understand that reality as well as you do. That’s why our Complete Audit™ system stores everything that happens between you and the customer and allows you to see every key stroke, change and alteration, including shared assets like documents and photos. This helps flag and manage potential fraud risk both inside and outside the organization.

Here’s how Liveoak helps with live data capture.

Liveoak provides our customers with a solution for capturing real-time conference activity and data by participant down to the keystroke. This means that each time a conference participant types a letter, number or strikes a key, it is captured and recorded by Liveoak. When files and photo IDs are uploaded, screens are shared, documents are signed, all of it is entered into the conference record and packaged together to create a Complete Audit™.

Here are a few examples of the types of details that appear in the Complete Audit™ :

  • Date
  • Time
  • Email address
  • Conference participant guest designation
  • Conference guest IP addresses
  • All actions while in the conference
  • Examples of recorded actions include:
    • Created conference
    • Invite email sent to participant
    • User entered the room
    • Room data saved
    • User left room
    • Room data reviewed
    • Attachment accepted
    • Attachment uploaded
    • Participant photo
    • Participant photo accepted
    • Mobile upload invite sent to participant
    • Mobile upload invite accepted by participant
    • User left room
    • User entered the letter “A”
    • User entered the letter “N”
    • User entered the letter “T”
    • User entered the number “7”

If you’re looking for more information on our Compete Audit™, check out this blog post.

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