Liveoak enables enterprises to guide their customers through complex, multi-step processes.

With Liveoak, your clients are not alone as they endeavor to complete various requirements. Online screen sharing, video conferencing and online collaboration allow your customer-facing team members and service representatives to help in the customer journey every step of the way. This high-touch, digital customer engagement approach will help you convert more prospects to customers while giving each prospective customer the reassurance they require.

Through our digital customer engagement platform, we enable enterprises to collaborate with new and existing customers, partners and stakeholders to successfully complete and sign new account paperwork, execute multi-step and multi-party agreements, verify identity, gather supplemental documentation and more.

Liveoak’s digital customer engagement platform re-creates the experience of a service representative and customer working together in person. When applications and forms are involved, the representative has the ability to check for accuracy and completion, synchronously edit with the customer and walk the customer through the digital signature process.

This “white glove” experience dramatically improves the customer experience,  reduces drop off rates and not in good order status.

When we use the term “collaboration”, we are referring to the ability for one or more people to complete work together in real-time. Examples of the types of collaboration that can be accomplished through the Liveoak platform are as follows:

  • Fill out forms together with your customer or partner in real-time
  • Share your screen with one or more people in the conference
  • Share and upload required documentation and files and attach to the conference record
  • Take a snapshot of a conference participant, verify and upload ID through Liveoak’s mobile app
  • Sign documents in real-time with one or more parties while still inside the Liveoak conference, through our secure integration with DocuSign
  • Record a video attestation from conference participants

We are recreating the experience of working with one or more people in person, just as if a person was in a bank branch or local office.  

All participant activity, keystrokes, data entered, files uploaded and more are captured and recorded through our Complete Audit™.

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