Liveoak helps financial institutions verify identity and capture required information.

Liveoak’s primary goal is to provide a virtual experience that replicates a productive, face-­to-­face meeting with a customer. For financial institutions and banks, Know Your Customer (KYC) is an important piece in our digital engagement puzzle. For insurance and other regulated industries, identity verification is also a required step in the process. 

Liveoak enables organization to perform initial and ongoing identity verification requirements by allowing financial institutions to lay eyes on their remote customers, validate and capture required identification and documentation.

Through Liveoak’s platform, representatives can:

  • Verify a customer or member’s identity while in video conference
  • Take a photo of the customer
  • Assist the customer in uploading a copy of their photo ID
  • Record a video of the customer while in the conference
  • Upload required documentation such as a utility bill for verification

All of the identity information gathered during a Liveoak session is included in the Complete Audit™.

Liveoak’s audit package can include a snap shot of customer and their ID.

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