Live eSignature improves outcomes and customer experience.

When it is time to sign the paperwork, DocuSign’s digital signature ceremony is embedded directly inside of Liveoak’s platform. This is a different workflow than the typical DocuSign experience where an email notification is sent to the signer. In the typical workflow, it is up to the signer to open the email notification and initiate the signature process. Due to procrastination and behavioral friction, sometimes documents do not get signed in a timely manner or they are not signed at all.

In the case of Liveoak and DocuSign, the parties sign while inside the Liveoak conference. The signature ceremony happens live, in real-time. This is particularly important because the representative can walk one or more signers through the process and complete the signature immediately. 

All digital signature participant data is captured and recorded in our Complete Audit™ system.

Screenshot of the Liveoak signature ceremony

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