Liveoak helps financial institutions and customers collaborate together in real time.

Our patented technology enables enterprises to collaboratively edit forms, agreements and applications with customers, partners and stakeholders at the same time. 

When it comes to digital customer experiences,  not all are created equal. Some transactions are straightforward and can be accomplished via a simple web form or application. Other transactions are complex and require detailed information and explanation. We now know that complex agreements typically requires hand holding and personal assistance.

When enterprises and their customers are in different physical locations,  Liveoak creates the experience of working together in person, just as if a person was in a bank branch or local office.

All keystrokes and data entered into forms, agreements and applications are captured and logged through our Complete Audit™ system.

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Remote Account Opening

Use Liveoak to create a remote live customer interaction. We know from experience that complex paperwork, transactions and remote customer onboarding requires professional assistance.


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