Streamlining Customer Acquisition

New tools speed a financial institution’s customer acquisition time. This is vital.

According to a recent study by Deloitte Insights, speed is the key trait in a satisfying account opening experience for today’s digital consumer, namely those that fall in the “Millenial” category. Ultimately, they have higher expectations when it comes to company interactions and remote access to their account information.

Banks are quickly learning that a customer who is quickly onboarded is most likely to be satisfied with the experience and remain loyal.

This sense of satisfaction has a big effect on a bank’s viability in today’s digitally-focused market. A new client who believes the onboarding process left something to be desired is more likely to switch banks, the survey shows.

Notably, of the people who think their bank needs a better onboarding process, three fourths are younger than 50.

Remaining Agile with Banking and Financial Software

New tools make account management easier for bank representatives and clients alike.

An easier account opening experience benefits both clientele and staff. A customer who is easily onboarded is more likely to purchase the bank’s other products and services. And to suggest that friends, colleagues, or family members open accounts based on their experience.

Today’s account holders expect banking to be easy and customizeable. They expect the bank to cross-sell appropriate products and services to them, be accessible from their mobile devices, and be easy to contact when it comes time to interact with a human being.

At Liveoak, we provide financial SaaS that helps connect the dots between individual customers’ various needs and the rigorous regulatory demands that banks are required to follow. The bank employee and the client can view and complete applications and documents together, sort and store data, and allow for additions at the customer’s convenience.

Leading-edge financial services meet the growing demand for location-agnostic, 24/7 access.

Banks and credit unions that have adopted video conferencing can interact with clients in real time, and they can do it without expecting people to drive to the bank or post office.

Online collaboration reduces the costs of managing clients’ accounts. Online filings save time previously spent locating documents in files. Auditing accuracy rises. Overhead costs fall.

Liveoak Has One Focus: Financial Collaboration

Liveoak’s banking and financial software empowers legacy institutions to update their practices today, with best-in-class online verification and conference capabilities to engage the new generation and secure their data.

Liveoak’s online collaboration tools are designed specifically for the financial industry and its rigorous compliance requirements.

Update, innovate, and grow your community of customers with Liveoak. We’re here to get you moving—and keep you on the move.

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