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The UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) Fintech Mission to London took place the week of December 6th, 2015. A panel of experts from UK financial technology firms selected 12 U.S. financial technology companies to participate as delegates in the mission. Our company, Liveoak Technologies, was selected as one of the delegates. The goal of the mission was to highlight the innovative technologies emerging from the U.S. while also promoting the UK as a destination for fintech investment.

As part of the mission program, we met with professional services firms that are relevant to conducting business in the UK, were introduced to the technology infrastructure of London and had the opportunity to showcase Liveoak at the Fintech Connect Live conference held at Wembley Stadium.

At the Fintech Connect Live conference, we had the opportunity to engage with prospective fintech partner companies and several potential enterprise customers. For example, we conducted demos for some of the largest banks in the world including BPN Paribas (France), Bank of Ireland, Lloyds of London and Caixa Bank (Spain). This was a big opportunity for Liveoak and we are extremely grateful! Visiting Wembley Stadium was also very cool.

The UKTI team was a great host and we very much appreciate their hospitality and level of detail to ensure that we had an incredible experience in London. We had the opportunity to enjoy the cuisine, experience pub life, see the sights and mix in with the rhythm of London. Here are some highlights of our trip:

Opening bell at the London Stock Exchange (LSE) ­- The LSE is a globally recognized institution and symbol of London and we were very excited to visit during the opening ceremony. The visitor area of the LSE is an atrium that showcases a large, high tech media display with video and real­time trading information. It is not an old school trading floor with bustling traders and open outcry. London traders have been using computer trading since 1986!

Reception at the US Embassy ­- While visiting the US Embassy, we had the opportunity to meet with the UK Business Ambassador and Minister Counsellor of Commercial Affairs. One interesting point, the embassy walls are decorated with large portraits of US presidents. For example, portraits of George Washington and Obama hang prominently on the wall.

Private tour of the House of Parliament -­ The Parliament’s House of Commons and House of Lords examines what the British government is doing, makes new laws, holds the power to set taxes and debates the issues of the day. Not only is the Parliament’s architecture and art collection absolutely stunning, the rules and traditions that date back to the 13th century are very impressive and interesting.

House of Parliament and Big Ben

Pete Rung and Andy Ambrose of Liveoak Technologies at the U.S. Embassy in London

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