How Liveoak Boosts Digital Signature Adoption with Complex Workflows

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Liveoak’s primary mission is to provide solutions that help financial institutions and other regulated industries make complex agreements, transactions and workflows easier, particularly for remote customers and stakeholders. Liveoak provides customer engagement software and consulting services to financial institutions and other regulated industries who need to improve their process around remote customer onboarding, complex agreements and multi-step workflows.

As part of our ongoing dialog and work with some of the largest banks and financial institutions in the world, we are continually gathering information and helping to find solutions needed to solve for complex workflows with remote customers and stakeholders.

We recently published a whitepaper titled “Boosting Digital Signature Adoption in Complicated Workflows“.  In this whitepaper, we discuss how digital signature is a transformative technology that does an excellent job of solving for the last mile of remote transactions. However, some transactions are more complex than others and when complexity increases, friction becomes a factor and can prevent paperwork, applications and workflow from being completed in a timely manner.

In complex engagements, Liveoak solves for the items leading up to signing such as walking through the paperwork with the customer, gathering supplemental documentation and ID verification. Through Liveoak, one or more parties sign the documents while still inside of a Liveoak conference session vs. the traditional method of opening up an email and clicking on a link to initiate the signing process. This white glove experience ensures that customers and stakeholders are guided through the entire process from start to finish.



Liveoak’s customer engagement platform is integrated with DocuSign’s digital signature technology.  Therefore current DocuSign customers are able to access and pull their templates and forms into a Liveoak conference session. Read the whitepaper to learn more about how Liveoak boosts digital signature adoption in complicated workflows.



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