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Greetings from Liveoak Technologies in Austin, TX. We have had an amazing third quarter and would like to share our news and updates with you.

We hope that at the end of this update you will feel informed and excited about the possibilities of bringing transformation, technology and innovation to the financial services industry.


  • Liveoak was selected as one of 11 companies to participate in the 2018 New York Fintech Innovation Lab. Check out this video to see John Marshall, Director of Emerging Technology at Citigroup, explain why and how Liveoak Technologies is essential for remote customer interaction. After John’s introduction, Liveoak’s CEO Andy Ambrose demonstrates how Liveoak is solving for some of the biggest challenges in digital (remote) customer interaction. Click here to watch the video. 


  • Liveoak participated in the BBVA’s Open Innovation Fast Track in Mexico City in August. The BBVA Fast Track program is designed to create open channels between cutting edge fintech technology providers and BBVA banking teams.


  • Team Liveoak participated in Finovate Fall and InsureTech Connect conferences. We had the opportunity to talk with many people about their needs pertaining to digital customer interaction across financial services, banking and insurance. Our primary observation is that a large percentage are talking about automated “robo” flow technology – meaning, putting in technology that asks humans to self-serve and interact with chatbots/robots.


  • We know there are some great uses for this “robo” technology but complex, high value customer interactions are not the right use case. Our role at both of these conferences was to provide best practices and consulting on how to best use technology to advance and accelerate high value, complex customer interactions.


  • Team Liveoak recently completed multi step InfoSec reviews, penetration testing, cloud governance/data security, scalability testing at high utilization with one of America’s largest, multinational banking and financial services enterprise. This translates to Liveoak passing security protocols, data protection and stress testing at the highest levels. This is a huge benchmark for Liveoak, current and prospective customers!


The top 5 Liveoak use cases-

Where Liveoak is deployed and adding value today:

  1. A top 5 401K plan provider is using Liveoak to turn prospects into customers. Liveoak cuts through a complex onboarding process, getting assets on their platform 70% faster, eliminating errors and lowering operating expenses.
  2. A leading British multinational bank is using Liveoak to ID, verify and confirm high value transactions in regions where they do not have a branch, allowing them to extend their reach and lower their risk.
  3. The wealth management division of one of America’s largest banks is using Liveoak to deepen client relationships, review client goals, and bring on new assets quickly and efficiently.
  4. Liveoak is being used by leading auto dealers to create a frictionless remote car buying and leasing experience.
  5. A Fortune 100 mutual insurance company is using Liveoak in their special investigative unit to conduct remote interviews and range of motion tests with claimants who have been flagged for review. Using Liveoak allows them get to the truth faster, lowering risk and saving operating expenses (eliminating the need for travel).

Liveoak Branding Update

Team Liveoak recently completed a branding exercise to update how we communicate the value that Liveoak brings to the digital transformation process for financial services, banking, insurance and beyond. During the process, we uncovered some important concepts that are worth sharing, a new tagline, new value proposition and messaging architecture. Chick here to read about what we uncovered and discovered during the process.

New and Improved User Interface

Liveoak is in the process of rolling out a new and improved version of our Virtual Interactions™ platform. To view Liveoak’s new user experience in action, check out this short video.

Here are also a few screenshots that also show Liveoak’s new user interface.

Screenshot shows Liveoak’s new Virtual Interactions™ user interface. An agent and participant are synchronously editing and completing a 401k rollover form together.



When the form is complete, the participant will sign the form using Liveoak’s in conference eSignature integration with DocuSign.


This screenshot is showing Liveoak’s System-of-Audit™ which offers a complete data and video record of all actions taken during each Liveoak Virtual Interactionsconference, down to the keystroke.


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Thanks for checking out our Q3 update! Our entire team is excited about the transformation that Liveoak is bringing to the financial services industry. Our goal is to make doing business easier by creating digital tools to enable face-to-face, virtual interactions. When we say “virtual interaction”- we mean both communicating and completing work virtually.


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