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Greetings from Liveoak Technologies in Austin, TX. Our goal is to provide the latest Liveoak updates, best practices, and information about how industry leaders are improving and transforming remote customer experiences.

Liveoak makes it easy for financial institutions to engage with remote customers. Our secure, customer engagement platform provides the tools that financial institutions need to successfully onboard new accounts, transact business and meet face-to-face with remote customers.


New Whitepaper

We recently published a new whitepaper titled “Boosting Digital Signature Adoption in Complicated Workflows” and we think that you will find it incredibly useful. In this paper, we outline the primary friction points that prevent customers from using digital signature technology. Further, we share best practices on how to reduce friction points and ultimately increase digital signature adoption.

We have published four additional whitepapers on the subject of digital account opening and corporate account onboarding that are available to read and download here.


The Top 5 Liveoak Use Cases

1. White glove assisted customer account onboarding
2. Corporate account onboarding with multiple parties involved in the transaction
3. Account onboarding with multiple steps in the workflow
4. Client maintenance forms that require a signature
5. Gathering required documents from remote customers (ex: utility bill)


Check out this short video that highlights how Liveoak and DocuSign work together to improve digital adoption and close deals faster!

LiveoakandDocusignDemo from Liveoak Technologies on Vimeo.


If you are someone you know is interested in checking out Liveoak, please feel free to contact us. We offer free trials for the Liveoak customer engagement platform.

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We are currently working with leading financial services enterprises and banks and would love the opportunity to learn about the challenges that you are facing with onboarding new accounts and working with remote customers.

We are excited to share this news with you!

Liveoak named 2018 Best Customer Engagement Tool by Benzinga Global Fintech Awards

Liveoak named 2018 Austin’s Hottest Start-Up award by the Austin Chamber of Commerce and SXSW

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