Liveoak and the NYC Fintech Innovation Lab

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Liveoak was one of eleven companies selected to participate in the NYC Fintech Innovation Lab. The Fintech Innovation Lab is a 12-week program in NYC for later stage fintech startups. The program is managed by an amazing team led by Maria Gotsch at The Partnership Fund, along with John Cusano and David Treat, co-heads of the Fintech Innovation Lab for Accenture.

In our case, the 12 weeks was the right amount of programming as we are a later stage growth startup. This program is not a startup bootcamp. Rather, it is a program that provides access to the industries largest financial institutions and most influential mentors and advisors.

Click here for a list of partner firms that participate in the NYC Fintech Innovation Lab.

During the program, we had the rare opportunity to meet with some of the most influential executives in financial services. I personally enjoyed meeting Henry Kravis, founder of KKR. Meeting him has been on my bucket list and it was worth the wait.

There were many great moments during our 12 weeks in the innovation lab. One of the interesting things that came out of the lab was the feedback that we received from participating companies around the true value of our product offering. It was very enlightening to receive outside perspective from some of the top financial services companies in the world. Another aspect that stood out was the quality of mentors involved with the program. We had one mentor in particular that rolled up his sleeves and offered up some very valuable advice/consulting and we are extremely grateful for the information. Further, the preparation leading up to demo day and the demo day experience was top notch. Extremely professional and filled with opportunity for the 11 participating companies.

A note on the other 10 companies in our cohort, the founders are extremely intelligent and without a doubt on their way to solving for some of the biggest business challenges out there!

The demo day presentations are available to watch on demand here at this link. If you are interested in Liveoak’s presentation, check out the video below.  We were very fortunate to have John Marshall, Director of Emerging Technology, Strategy and Planning for Citigroup, introduce our CEO and Co-founder, Andy Ambrose.  John has a strong grasp on the problem that Liveoak is solving for and he does an excellent job describing it in his introduction. Click play on the video below to check it out.



Would we do it again? Absolutely without question. I could sum up the experience by comparing this to a TSA PRE line in the airport. The program is really a fast track through the early stage FinTech Enterprise development cycle.


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