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Looking back on 2019, we are amazed by the incredible efforts in digital transformation and results that our customers have experienced. We are grateful to be playing an important part with some of the largest and most trusted enterprises in the world.

Although legacy systems, compliance, and regulation continue to be the largest impediments to digital transformation, our FI customers are reinventing the way they interact and engage with customers despite the challenges. They are innovating and offering improved customer experiences today while simultaneously working on multi-year transformation goals.

Liveoak’s customer engagement platform enables financial institutions to create digitally assisted experiences for their customers without requiring them to travel to a branch or schedule an in person meeting. As a result, enterprises that use Liveoak’s platform close more business, eliminate nearly all “not in good order” and turn their customers into powerful brand advocates.


Our top use cases

To bring this into focus, below are our top uses cases and how Liveoak is helping FIs transform the way they interact with customers today:


Modernizing the business banking customer experience

Our business banking customers use Liveoak to offer their commercial banking clients the option to complete banking tasks remotely without coming in to a branch.



KYC requirements

Our customers use Liveoak to enable their customers to complete KYC requirements for new account opening without visiting a physical branch.



Bringing white-glove service back to wealth management

Our wealth management customers use Liveoak’s digital engagement platform to offer their clients high touch, white glove service for new customer agreements, account/investment reviews and ongoing account maintenance.



Helping insurers take claims to the next level

Our insurance enterprise customers use Liveoak’s digital engagement platform in a variety of use cases. Examples include using mobile workflows to conduct remote auto/property claim inspections, conduct policyholder interviews when fraud is suspected, and digitally assisting life customers with complex applications and claims forms.



Digital solutions for the retirement plan industry

Retirement plan providers use Liveoak’s digital engagement platform to remotely collaborate, complete, review and sign onboarding paperwork with their customers, trustees and stakeholders, as well as completing complex participant transactions.



Multi-party contract onboarding

FI’s leverage Liveoak to provide multiple contract stakeholders with a streamlined digital onboarding experience for business to business to consumer workflows (B2B2C).



Customer Success Playbook

When implementing new technology and workflows inside the enterprise, behavioral change is usually met with resistance. New software and workflow won’t magically adopt itself, so all stakeholders need to be properly incentivized and communication, timing and performance measurements are key.

When enterprises invest in Liveoak, our goal is to ensure that the technology is adopted and implemented vs. ending up in the technology graveyard. We are very excited to announce that the Liveoak customer success team has developed a proprietary playbook for rolling out new technology inside the enterprise. We would love to tell you all about it – contact us


Speaking engagements and panels in 2020

In 2020, we plan to double our presence at key industry conferences and events, and look forward to meeting and interacting with you. We will be focusing on the the following topics and looking forward to sharing best practice and actionable ideas:

  • Digital collaboration in complicated multi-step workflows
  • Working with enterprise FIs on top digital transformation initiatives
  • Blending the best of human experts with technology to improve customer experience and outcomes
  • Enabling financial enterprises to offer their customers the convenience of digital in an environment that is both secure and compliant
  • Working with multiple stakeholders inside the financial enterprise from proof of concept to contract negotiation to trial to widespread launch
  • Integrating self service digital experiences with ‘whiteglove assistance’
  • Enterprise Remote Online Notary

Please contact us ( if you have a speaking or panel opportunity in 2020!



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Thank you for being Liveoak customers, users, supporters!  It is a pleasure to serve you. As always, please feel free to contact us directly or through our mailbox for questions or discussion. 


Team Liveoak

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