Liveoak Technologies News & Updates: Q3-2017

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Greetings from the team here at Liveoak Technologies in Austin, TX.  We hope this quarterly update finds you well. Our goal is to provide the latest Liveoak updates, best practices and information about how industry leaders are improving customer experiences and efficiency through Liveoak’s digital, customer onboarding platform.

Liveoak Defined in One Sentence…

Liveoak provides enterprises with remote onboarding & identity verification tools to leverage human expertise & interaction in the digital customer experience.

Companies that Use Liveoak Today
Large enterprises in the financial services, banking and other regulated industries that have the need to complete digital transactions and onboard customers.

Customer Spotlight

John Hancock Retirement Plan Services continues to experience great success by using the Liveoak platform to onboard corporate customers. They have been able to turn what used to take weeks to gather sold case paperwork, documentation and signatures (from multiple stakeholders) to hours. According to the 2016  Plan Sponsor Recordkeeping Survey, John Hancock has over 55,400 corporate retirement plans on the books. The team here at Liveoak is thrilled to be able to make such a positive impact for an industry leader like John Hancock Retirement Services. More success stories to come from other divisions within the John Hancock corporate umbrella.

Use Case: Corporate Retirement Account Onboarding

For new corporate retirement plan business, retirement plan providers and consultants have a lengthy process of gathering sold case paperwork, signatures and plan transition data. The process can take several weeks to complete and the process delays booked revenue.


Banking Industry Focus

Our team has done a deep dive for the past two years into the digital, customer onboarding needs of the banking industry across multiple divisions and use cases. We have several banking implementations and trials in play and are more encouraged than ever with the results. If you have any insight or would like to chat, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Use Case: Banking


Here is the Liveoak Use Case on Remote Account Opening for a multinational bank which operates in 70 different countries, many of which do not have physical branches.



Improving Workflow for Investment Advisors and Clients

An additional Liveoak business focus has been on the Investment Advisor community. The 401(k)/IRA rollover was our very first use case and a notable example of how Liveoak dramatically improves workflow. If you have ever had to deal with any amount of paperwork from your Investment Advisor, you know how cumbersome the process can be.

Customers today expect the same level of multiple access points (digital, branch, phone) from their Investment Advisor as their other daily, digital interactions. We have spent the past year listening to the Advisor community and as a result, our team has created a solid offering for Advisors and their fiduciaries.

Use Case: Investment Advisors

An Investment Advisor firm has required paperwork that needs to be completed for new customers. New client onboarding has been considered one of the most stressful things that Investment Advisors and their firms go through.


A Look Back

Here is an early Liveoak graphic from 2015 that illustrates how difficult it can be to gather the client paperwork that is needed for a 401(k)/IRA rollover. This is the way large financial institutions onboarded new customers. Times are definitely changing in financial services.

New Product Developments

Without overwhelming you with technical details, we are creating an improved Liveoak workflow to make our conference rooms more universal for customer interaction. Further, we are enhancing our identity verification features to provide regulated industries with the tools they need to onboard new customers.

Liveoak and DocuSign

Since Liveoak’s launch, we have partnered with DocuSign. This relationship benefits both Liveoak and DocuSign customers. By offering a DocuSign integration through the Liveoak platform, customers can securely sign documents while inside a Liveoak conference session (without leaving the session).

Check out this short Liveoak + DocuSign video (video officially resides on the DocuSign Client Portal) to see the partnership in action. Link to video.

The Big Announcement in June about WebRTC

WebRTC stands for Web Real Time Communications and it allows peer-to-peer communication directly between web browsers. This communication can be used to transfer multiple type of data: files, video or audio. All this without the need of any plugin or software download. Liveoak uses WebRTC to power our conferencing technology and up until recently, all modern browsers supported WebRTC except for Safari. The big news that was announced in June is that Apple will support WebRTC in Safari 11 and iOS 11 which means that Liveoak will have the ability to be deployed across all modern browsers.

Here is a Liveoak post that provides further detail:










The Liveoak Team is Growing!

One of our initiatives this year has been to grow our technical team. If you are not familiar with recruiting senior technical talent in Austin, TX – It is challenging to say the least! We searched high and low and are very excited to welcome Alan Keller as our Software Engineering Leader and Joel Comeaux as Principal Systems Architect. Both continue to make a solid impact. On the sales side, we welcome Caroline Johnson who is joining Liveoak on September 1st  as Director of Customer Success.

We are continuing to grow our team and will post our job openings here.


Trust and Accountability

As your trusted partner, Liveoak is focused on providing your business with a secure customer experience. Liveoak Technologies is SOC 2 certified (formerly SAS 70) by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA).

———————————————————————————————————————————————————-Exciting times ahead at Liveoak Technologies. We appreciate you and please do not hesitate to reach out.


Andy Ambrose and Pete Rung
Co-Founders, Liveoak Technologies

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