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Team Liveoak recently completed a branding exercise to update how we communicate the value that Liveoak brings to our customers. During the process, we uncovered some important concepts that are worth sharing:

Concept 1:

The value of Liveoak is not in the individual features such as video conferencing, document collaboration and eSignature. The combination of tools and how they work together has created an entirely new class of client communication software called Virtual Interactions™. The magic is not in the individual features but in the sum of all the parts and how the tools effortlessly work together. The combination brings exponential value.

Concept 2:

While a large portion of the digital transformation efforts in financial services and beyond are focused on creating automated “robo” flow processes so that customers can self-serve, Liveoak is focused on helping enterprises implement a human-focused approach.

When it comes to complex customer interactions (defined as complicated and/or lengthy applications, identity verification, supplemental documentation requirements, multi-party and/or witness signatures etc.), Liveoak’s approach is to pair the best, easy to use, digital technology with the enterprise’s own human experts (not “robo” bots) to provide a guided, white glove experience.

Concept 3:

Liveoak’s System-of-Audit™ is a feature unique to Liveoak in the communication software space and is required in regulated industries like financial services, banking, insurance, wealth and auto. This has been a major focus and tipping point with our enterprise customers.

What do we mean by System-of-Audit™?

A detailed activity log of every action taken by all participants in the conference. This includes tracking every keystroke, file shared, digital signatures executed, photo IDs captured as well as video recordings (attestation) taken during the conference. In essence, we have created the ability to convert a web conference into data that can be used across the enterprise.

New tagline 

Since we launched in 2014, we have transformed the way that we describe the value of Liveoak.  Here is where we are today.


Liveoak Technologies.

We get virtual business done™.



Value Proposition 

Get Virtual Business Done

On-line screen coaching to help with complex forms, eSignature, efficient data/I.D. capture and a comprehensive System-0f-Audit™ – all one platform. We get virtual business done™.


Technology, with a human touch

When it comes to some of life’s biggest decisions, customers still want human interaction and emotional support from an expert who is there to help.


Convert more prospects to customers

Combine the best of in person interaction, on-line screen coaching and eSignature to make it easy for prospective customers to complete transactions in a virtual environment.


Messaging Architecture – key points

  • Get up and running quickly, see the value of Liveoak in a short period of time
  • We move more people from prospects to customers
  • A whole new experience, built from existing pieces of technology
  • We remove the friction from the process of customer onboarding
  • Financial Services centric
    • Bank hardened security
    • A full record of each interaction


This process of re-defining how we talk about Liveoak’s value has been an extremely rewarding experience.  When we launched Liveoak in 2014, we knew with 100% certainty that we were creating technology to solve for very real, large problems in the financial services industry and beyond but describing our value has been an evolution.

What do you think about our brand messaging and value proposition?  We would love to hear from you! Contact us at Same if you would like to chat or see a live demo.


Team Liveoak

p.s. a big shout-out to Trey, Steve and Simone at Theme Communications for their help with this project! 

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