Liveoak’s Top 10 things to be GRATEFUL for

 In Liveoak

At Liveoak, we are grateful for so many things but here is a list of our top 10 for 2018:

  1. Our employees – their unique perspective, experience and dedication are an incredible asset to Liveoak.  We are grateful beyond measure.
  2. Our customers – they are amazing to work with.  We are so grateful for the value that we are creating together.
  3. Our board – grateful for their support, insight and true commitment to our success.
  4. Our investors – grateful for our angels, strategics and venture capital partners. Without them, none of this would be possible.
  5. Our advisors- they are all rock stars in our eyes.
  6. Our technology partners – they are crucial to our business and we work with the best out there.
  7. Our product – Liveoak Virtual Interactions™ – a platform that is solving real problems and changing the game for our customers.
  8.  The free enterprise system – we are grateful for the freedom in the USA to build and grow a technology company.
  9. The tech community- a tight ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors, partners and advisors.
  10. Austin, TX and New York, NY  – the cities that we call home to Liveoak. Amazing places to live and work.
Grateful to all who follow us – Have a great Thanksgiving!
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