Mortgage and Lending Innovation


Mortgage and lending firms use Liveoak to make account paperwork, digital signature and ongoing client service a breeze for everyone involved.

Liveoak’s cloud platform is fully integrated with DocuSign, which means we help drive higher e-signature adoption rates for organizations that use this technology already.

And because our tech platform augments, complements and enables more face-to-face human interaction, we enable additional upsell and cross-sell opportunities for your business.

No other industry has faced as much scrutiny as the mortgage and lending industry. After the housing crisis of 2008/2009, regulation on the housing market has forced mortgage companies and lenders to look for ways to innovate, reduce process bloat, and meet the increased demands of federal and state regulations while still meeting the expectations of customers.

Mortgage lenders are beginning to diversify as well. According to a lender ranking report in 2016, banks and credit unions made up 53% of mortgage loans, with non-bank lenders making up around 47%. This means that more and more non-traditional financial entities are entering the mortgage market and taking on customers.

Because of its size and diversity, the mortgage and lending industry is one of the most innovative verticals in finance. Due to the complexity of their lending process and the cutting edge demands of their customers, these financial institutions have fought to keep up with advancements in technology.

Some lenders may see fit to build their own products to help innovation, but that can cost valuable resources and lots of capital.

So the mortgage industry is currently looking for fintech partnerships that will allow them to meet the growing needs of their customers, help them meet regulation guidelines, and improve their bottom line.

With Liveoak, you can:

  • White glove experience leveraging live conferencing, document collaboration, image/file capture and identity verification
  • Capture accurate data to accelerate electronic signature adoption
  • Unique System of Audit™ including bank compliant capture of activity, keystroke log and collected data/files

Liveoak Technologies’ software helps financial institutions – including mortgage lenders – innovate in their customer interactions, reduce tedious paperwork, and streamline the customer onboarding process.

Here are just a few of our features:

  • Capture and verify identity
  • Process remote signatures
  • Live conferencing – video, voice and text chat
  • System of Audit™ record of participant activities, keystrokes, documents uploaded, images captured while inside the conference
  • KYC compliance features
  • Assist and guide customers while they are completing forms and applications
  • Share and upload files and images

Improving Mortgage Technology

The mortgage and lending industry is at unique crossroads today. For years, lenders have been utilizing technological and digital innovations to offer an innovative approach to the lending and mortgage process.

As one expert, Steve Smith, Finicity co-founder and CEO, put it: “Leaders in the lending space need to understand that the greatest hurdle for technology in the housing industry isn’t technical, it’s cultural.”

What Smith is saying is that consumers have readily adopted digital technology, while lenders themselves have not. Because of regulations, security-concerns, and years and years of doing things the “old-fashioned” way, mortgage professionals and lenders have not been quick to move to a fully digital environment. It’s the distinction between using digital and being digital.

One of the biggest factors driving this industry towards lending innovation and new mortgage technologies are the numerous friction points that both customers and lenders experience during the lending process. It can take months to go through the lending application process, and longer to actually receive benefits. Digitization of the process through mortgage tech software allows lenders to streamline their process, create a more enjoyable experience for their customers (both old and new), and close more deals in the process.

The Benefits of Digitizing the Lending Process

As we’ve seen from recent years, the mortgage and lending industry is a lynchpin for the American economy. Financial experts often look to the lending and mortgage markets to determine the overall health of the economy.

As a cornerstone of finance, it’s necessary to future-proof the lending and mortgage industry. Here are some of the associate benefits:

  • Increased market potential – by creating a digital approach to the lending and mortgage business, we are democratizing the industry allowing lenders of all sizes to reach a larger amount of customers regardless of their location
  • Increased customer retention – more customers participating in the mortgage and lending market on a consistent basis means more stability. Digital products, offerings, and customer onboarding all play a part in retaining lending and mortgage customers longer
  • Reduce risk – adopting new, digital technologies is a great way to improve security in the mortgage and lending industry and reduce risks for both customers and lenders. Technological developments, and new security protocols like blockchain technology are making it safer and more secure to store data than even physical document security.

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