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Greetings from Liveoak Technologies in Austin, TX, we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Our entire team has been busy enabling enterprises with new ways to do business with their customers without being in person.

The first quarter of 2020 has presented big challenges for our enterprise banks, financial services, and insurance customers. Our customers are well positioned as their investment has enabled them to work with their customers remotely in a seamless manner. As employees move between their home office and place of work, it will be crucial to have the right technology in place that creates new ways to engage, collaborate, and transact business.

We have seen a tremendous uptick in interest in Liveoak’s software in the first quarter of 2020. For many financial institutions, implementing a technology like Liveoak was on the ‘wish’ list prior to the current health crisis and now is on the ‘must have’ list. Another top initiative is Remote Online Notary (RON). For many financial institutions, the ability to notarize documents remotely is critical for business continuity and we are seeing a strong need for enterprise sturdy technology across many use cases.

Upcoming Event: Please Join Us for a Panel Discussion


Getting Business Done in Our New Virtual Workplace

May 20, 2020

1:00 p.m. CST

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Now more than ever, reinventing the way you can engage, collaborate and transact business with customers is imperative to retaining curent and winning new customers. And the challenges associated with adopting new technology solutions in the current environment have compounded.

Join Liveoak for an interactive discussion with Rob Stanley, Principal at Inflection Point Consulting,  Mark Rieder, Head of Innovation at NFP and Lisa Kottler, Retirement Plan Industry Expert as they discuss:

1. Their thoughts on what the ‘new normal’ of financial services will look like

2. What technology is helping their businesses with getting back to work

3. Best practices in successfully implementing new software

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Toolkit for Implementing Remote Customer Enablement


Liveoak shares best practices on how to quickly implement technology that will enable you to work remotely with your customers:

Link: During a Crisis, Liveoak Shares Tools and Best Practices for Successful Remote Customer Engagement


Watch How Liveoak is Purpose Built for Financial Institutions


We recently published this short video that demonstrates how an advisor securely works remotely with a customer to complete an account review, fill in missing information, upload required documentation, and sign account forms in conference on the fly via Liveoak’s integration with DocuSign. While this is a specific example of an advisor and client working together, Liveoak can be custom configured to your industry, use case, and workflow.

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What Customers are Saying About Liveoak


Profile: Liveoak’s enterprise banking customer: one of the largest, most respected global banks, ranked in the top 25 banks in the world.

Use Case: Remote KYC identity verification and supplemental document collection required for high value, new banking account opening in the UK/EU. Previously, individuals would have to travel to a branch or the nearest embassy in their country to complete the account opening process.


“The biggest game changer to hit our business in the past 10 years” and  “A market leader which will revolutionise the way we interact with our clients”.

Our Credentials Are Top Notch


Liveoak works with some of the largest financial institutions and we have passed the most stringent cloud governance and security standards. In addition, below are 3 items that we have found can expedite InfoSec reviews and general procurement requirements:

  1. Liveoak has achieved the SOC 2 audit for the past three years in a row

  2. Liveoak’s financials are professionally audited by one of the nation’s leading professional services firms

  3. We have a comprehensive Standardized Information Gathering (SIG) audited questionnaire


Updated Liveoak Messaging


We recently updated our headline messaging on our website at  Take a look and let us know what you think:

  • Bank-grade collaboration platform, not consumer-grade conferencing

  • The world is changing to remote-work driven customer engagement. How will you respond?

  • Do you need secure customer engagement?


Conferences and Events


Liveoak had big plans this year for conferences and events, including several panels and speaking engagements at some of the most widely attended industry conferences. We are now seeing event cancellations and rescheduling as far out as Q4 of this year. While we remain cautiously optimistic that some of these events will go on (in some way, shape or form), We are augmenting our strategy with virtual webinars, events, and roundtable discussions.

Liveoak Co-founder and President, Andy Ambrose at our last conference before the Covid-19 shut down at the American Bankers Association Wealth & Trust Conference, February 23-25, 2020.


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