The 2018 Numbers Are In

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The 2018 numbers are in for our enterprise financial services, retirement, banking and insurance customers and they are very exciting!  

If you are unfamiliar with Liveoak, our Virtual Interactions™ platform is a virtual business platform that accelerates digital transactions, reduces friction, and enables new types of buying and servicing experiences for enterprise customers. Examples include:

  • corporate retirement plan onboarding
  • complex client services/account agreements
  • banking identity verification
  • auto-warranty claim inspection and approval
  • remote insurance investigation

Liveoak is currently working with some of the largest financial services, insurance, and banking companies in the world.

A few highlights from our customer base

Electronic Signature Adoption Rates Soar
116% increase in electronic signature adoption

Eliminating NIGO – Increase in Good Order Paperwork
Prior to Liveoak, our clients were experiencing NIGO rates as high as 80% due to missing pages, signatures and other issues. With Liveoak, our clients experience less than 1% NIGO.

More than 60% of New Account Paperwork Completed Virtually
In 2018, our customers had 64% of all new business completed and signed virtually through the use of Liveoak’s Virtual Interactions™ platform. 



*The agent and client complete the agreement together in real-time.


*The agent walks the client through the Beneficiary Designation form and when complete, the customer signs the form while inside the Liveoak conference, via a DocuSign integration. 


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