The Balance Between Sales Teams and Sales Operations

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Our sales and business development teams spend a lot of time talking with prospects and existing customers about the challenges they are facing in their day-to-day operations. A common theme that we hear in our conversations are the challenges related to the ongoing balancing of needs between sales and sales operations teams.  

From the perspective of sales operations, the sales team does not fully understand/comprehend how much work happens behind the scenes to get a new client up and running. Essentially, the sales team has to trust that everything gets done without having full knowledge and visibility into all the details.

An insightful analogy that we heard when we were meeting with a prospective customer is that sales teams when looking at a tree often times see the leaves, they don’t see the roots and foundation that is needed to support the tree.

There is pressure on the sales operations team to balance priorities between creating organizational efficiencies and fulfilling requests for new sales tools. The sales teams are always on the lookout for new tools that will help close deals faster and easier. At the same time, the operations teams are constantly balancing high priority requests with their own priorities for operational efficiency.

Another factor at play is the change management component. The sales team asks for new technology and once in place, change does not happen overnight due to behavioral procrastination and inertia. Further, when a new tool or functionality is integrated/built within a complex legacy system, there are invariably hiccups and bugs which can cause folks to prematurely give up on using the new technology.

Our team here at Liveoak can definitely relate to this balancing act from both the perspective of sales and operations. With customer-facing teams, it can be frustrating if the technology is difficult to use or even worse, the technology fails in front of a new client or partner.

Change can be hard and finding solutions that meet the needs of both sales and sales operations difficult. The great news is that at Liveoak, we solve for both. We take the friction out of all the moving parts and generate outcomes that yield increased production, faster time to close and lower NIGO.

At Liveoak, how we measure results is by changing behavior. Our true success comes when people are using our software to close deals faster with fewer errors and omissions.

How do we do this? We have created a virtual customer interactions platform that is purpose-built for financial services new customer onboarding and transactions. Liveoak’s secure Virtual Interaction platform runs in parallel to existing IT infrastructure, has bank hardened security and provides rigorous compliance and activity archiving.

We would love to share the details with you on how we not only help balance out sales operations and sales teams but also deliver results.


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