Visual Engagement

Digital and visual engagement, whether through a desk computer, a tablet, or a mobile device, is enabling financial institutions to reach current and future clients right where they are. But customers don’t only want digital convenience; they also want a more personal relationship with their financial service provider.

So, how does a bank, credit union, financial advisor, or insurance company relate to its customers online? Digital visual engagement.

Rising to the Challenge

Here at Liveoak, we’re working with financial institutions that understand the importance of collaborating with their customers without sacrificing the live experience and personal attention customers appreciate in brick and mortar settings.

Through the Liveoak platform, financial institutions and their representatives are able to interact directly with customers in multi-step tasks, verifying identity, and signing paperwork, just as though the parties were together in a branch office. Liveoak helps financial institutions revolutionize their onboarding process by:

  • Share your screen and guide your customers step by step as they fill in forms
  • Retain video attestations and images of conference participants
  • Upload ID documentation with the click of a smartphone
  • Sign and integrate files with DocuSign.

What Gets in the Way of a Pleasant Customer Experience?

Traditional paperwork. Finding documents. Looking for details to use for filling in forms. Interrupting the conversation because pieces of information need to be found. We believe there is a better way.

Legacy institutions are getting tech-savvy, innovating, and optimizing their customer engagement process.

Now, banks and financial institutions can record all the customer information and data needed to onboard and cross-sell products, and create a paperless, regulation-compliant record of every piece of documentation, every interaction.

Financial representatives can focus on the customer experience – not the paper chase – without having to completely overhaul their current legacy system. Liveoak is designed to work in parallel with the back­end IT systems an institution currently uses.

Keep Everything Where You and Your Clients Need It

  • Electronic invitations to, and creation of, an audio-visual conference
  • Online/mobile transmissions of file and image attachments.
  • Digital signatures – and indeed each keystroke by participants.
  • Chat history is always accessible, as every typed character is recorded.

Through real-time collaboration, financial institutions are working with current and prospective customers regardless of location, yet just as if a person were at the local bank branch.

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