Review and Take Action Virtually


Liveoak offers financial advisors a secure and easy to use platform for interacting with customers, collaborating on quarterly and annual reviews and taking action.

And because our tech platform augments, complements and enables more face-to-face human interaction, we enable additional upsell and cross-sell opportunities for your business.

Liveoak’s cloud platform is fully integrated with eSignature, which means we help drive higher e-signature adoption rates for organizations that use this technology already.

Watch to See Liveoak in Action

The wealth management sector has to deal with strict regulations, compliance requirements, and the needs of a highly-demanding and diverse customer base. Along with advancements in their advising processes, wealth management firms and individual financial tech planners are looking to develop a “frictionless” virtual banking experience for their customers and close the gap between wealth managers and their customers.

With Liveoak, you can provide the following enhancements to your current client on-boarding process:

  • Streamline client onboarding and support for your most complex digital interactions
  • Virtual identity verification with live conferencing, image/document capture and ID verification (KYC)
  • Capture accurate data to accelerate electronic signature adoption
  • Unique System of Audit™ including bank compliant capture of activity, keystroke log and collected data/files

There are a lot of factors that driving the trend towards cutting edge tech in wealth management. Growing customer expectations, the emergence of new disruptive tech, and increased competition are all driving leading wealth management companies towards technological advancement.

Liveoak Technologies integrates with existing processes to help wealth managers streamline the complex processes of customer onboarding, verifying ID, gathering paperwork and more.
Liveoak’s Virtual Interactions™ software helps expedite business for wealth management firms which will in turn make the lives of customers and brokers/agents easier. Here are just a few of our features:

  • Capture and verify identity
  • Complete remote signatures
  • Live conferencing, including video, voice and text chat
  • Complete Audit™ record of all conference participants activity and actions taken inside the conference, including shared documents and images KYC compliance and customer due diligence features
  • Assist and guide customers while they are completing forms and applications
  • Share and upload files and images
  • Complete Audit™ record of all conference participants activity and actions taken inside the conference, including shared documents and images

Use Case: Wealth Management Onboarding

Wealth management deals more than just cash, wealth managers are looking at overall financial management which includes assets as a measure of wealth.

One of the best use cases for Liveoak’s digital wealth management software is allowing companies and individuals to interface with new and existing customers in a completely virtual environment.

By allowing wealth management advisors to onboard clients digitally, we are removing the need for compliance paperwork, visits to offices, navigation of tedious forms and personal information. Now, wealth managers can seamlessly onboard new accounts and meet all compliance standards through the Liveoak platform.

We aren’t your typical financial management software or asset management software. We’re a suite of client interaction and management technologies that allow companies to innovate and meet their customers in the virtual world.

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