What is a Notary?

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A notary is essentially a government-appointed individual who can act as a verifier or witness to various legally binding documents. Their prime responsibility is to verify identities of the parties involved and act as a certifier that both parties are who they say they are and are agreeing to the terms in said document.

Notaries Public are crucial actors in the signing of the documents of private citizens. They allow people to acquire legally-binding documents in a variety of settings, without having to show up in a federal or state office.

Common Types of Notarizations & Notarized Documents

In order to get the appropriate acknowledgments on a legally binding document, different types of specific legal documents and notarizations are needed. Here are the most common different types of notarized documents:

  • Jurats- this is a very common type of notarized document that allows a person to legally affirm the information contained in a document. For this document, the signer must personally appear and sign the document in the presence of the notary public
  • Oaths & Affirmations – oaths and affirmations aren’t necessarily signed documents, but verbal agreements of the truth. The most common version of this notarization is the oath witnesses take before testimony
  • Copy Certifications – when copies of official documents are needed, copy certifications are a type of notarized document that verifies the copy is – in fact – a verified version. This comes in handy when obtaining copies of titles, certificates, and more
  • Signature Witnessing – this is a common type of notarization where the notary public visually verifies the person signing the document is who they say they are through ID verification

Do You Need Notarizations with Liveoak?

While Liveoak doesn’t directly replace the need for an authorized notarization, we do provide a similar solution to having a notary witness. Liveoak allows institutions to view, verify, and document identification for new and existing customers in a virtual environment.

While we don’t provide an official notary stamp today through the Liveoak platform, we do help financial institutions verify IDs, record customer interactions, and collect signatures all in a completely secure, digital and remote environment. Liveoak provides a comprehensive System-of-Audit™ for each conference session which captures data down to the keystroke, including digital signature execution.

We help financial institutions conform to regulatory compliance in a digital and/or remote environment by providing them with a customer onboarding and virtual engagement platform that integrates with existing processes and technologies.

Learn how Liveoak’s Virtual Interactions™ can help you streamline KYC compliance and help you interact with your customers by reading our white papers below:

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